Industry News
  • We deliver top tier product from expert growers with years of experience
  • This means far better quality while saving you money!
  • Oftentimes, LP’s keep their best stuff to sell to their own customers while dumping the leftover garbage for government to sell as recreational bud.
  • This is why the masses are infuriated by the overpriced bush they’ve been getting, as we’re sure you’re aware!
  • Our buds are better for the environment as we don’t use excessive packaging like them “cough”.
  • We have a wide selection of premium edibles, concentrates and refillable vapes!
  • Our Sweedy loyalty points allow you to save even more money!

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  1. You guys are awesome, I placed an order Friday morning and by Saturday you had it packed and with Canada Post. Sadly because of the labor dispute my package won’t be here until Wed. This sucks and I wish I had more shipping options. I would gladly pay extra for UPS or FedEx. Do you guys plan on offering alternatives to Canada Post?

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