Texas Yellow Caps


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Dosage Guide:
MICRO 0.10-0.30g
BEGINNER 0.30-1.00g
AVERAGE 1.00-2.00g
EXPERIENCED 2.00-3.50g

Effects: Creativity, Joy, Psychedelic, Visual Hallucinations, Relaxed, Euphoria

Effects Arrive approximately: 1+ Hours 


Earn up to 200 Sweedy Points.


Texas Yellow Cap cubensis are best known for their shamanistic properties, or spiritual effects rather than solely ‘’tripping’’. They do originally come from Texas – hence the name. When you consume these little fungi it will give you a feeling of enlightenment and they will help you connect to nature. Enjoy!

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Weight1 g

1 review for Texas Yellow Caps

  1. (verified owner)

    I took an eighth of this one night and I tripped out intensely for 3-4 hours. It was good didn’t feel nausea or dizziness just pure blast of vivid colors around you accompanied with happy feeling. I was playing xbox in the darkened room and it “felt” really bright lol.

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