Crumble Rockets* Premium Pre-Rolls


Each Pre-roll tube contains 1g of Flower,(AAA+) mixed with a generous amount of Crumble concentrate

Beginners Beware! High THC Content!!!

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Crumble Rockets, Premium Pre-rolls are individually hand made from fresh AAA+ flowers, (Never trim) mixed with a generous amount of Crumble right into the flower, The result, an unmatched potency and taste that will leave you in a dream catcher euphoric state of mind for hours.

Beginners Beware! High THC Content!

Sweedy always strives to have our Members Experience Higher Quality and that extends to our premium pre-roll joints!

All of our Crumble Rocket pre-rolls are made from 100% buds or Popcorn Buds and NEVER from trim!




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