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Earlier this year, researchers looked into the efficacy of cannabis being used for reducing susceptibility to COVID-19, as well as analyzing if it can be used as antiviral medication. 


Researchers from the University of Nebraska and the Texas Biomedical Research Institute recommended further research into CBD (cannabidiol) may treat lung inflammation caused by COVID-19.


“Recent reports have suggested that acute infection is associated with a cytokine superstorm, which contributes to the symptoms of fever, cough, muscle pain.” On the extreme side, COVID-19-induced lung inflammation can cause sufferers the inability to breathe due to pneumonia. Therefore, understanding how to reduce inflammation is a key part of this research.


The increased attention on cannabis being a form of treatment rather than pharmaceutical drugs is that other inflammation-reducing drugs often have undesirable side-effects. For instance, Tocilizumab, an anti-inflammatory drug, repaired clogged lungs in 90% of patients in one study. While this may seem impressive, the drug also resulted in severe inflammation in the pancreas which may lead to complications such as coronary heart disease.


The researchers noted that cannabinoids from cannabis contain anti-inflammatory properties, and CBD is the most likely treatment to successfully remedy COVID-19-induced inflammation.


While CBD has been proven in previous studies to contain impressive levels of anti-inflammatory properties, it does not make one feel “high” such as with THC in cannabis products. If CBD is further researched and proven to successfully treat inflammation in COVID-19 patients, it may very well become the gold standard.


Please be aware that CBD is not a remedy for COVID-19. Rather, it is undergoing continued research to prove that it is an effective treatment for inflammation caused by COVID-19.


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