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Why Canadians are Going Online for their Marijuana in 2017

It’s no secret that our Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is pro-cannabis. It was one of his political stances that won the support of Canadians, resulting in his top-spot win. Canada is also known to produce top-tier quality for marijuana. Now, you can have high-grade weed delivered to your door through a Mail Order Marijuana (MOM) website. What a great time to be a Canadian!

What a great time to be a Canadian!

Why are so many Canadians flocking to Mail Order Marijuana (MOM) websites? Read on as we explore four reasons why you need to consider MOM’s in 2017.


The first reason is that it is much safer than the traditional methods of obtaining weed *cough cough* alley way dealers. Have you ever been in a situation where you had to meet a stranger in a secluded area at night just to pick up some weed? It wasn’t very pleasant, was it. MOM websites removes the physical interaction with suppliers, thus keeping you safe.


Even if safety was not an issue to you, the second reason why MOM websites are growing in popularity is the convenience factor. Do you really want to drive or take the bus to meet a supplier, and then commute again to wherever you need to be? In this day and age, I’d say “HECK NAW!”  Mail Order Marijuana sites are incredibly convenient. If you’ve ever purchased anything from Amazon or eBay, then you will easily recognize the benefits of online shopping for cannabis that’s shipped directly to you with FAST shipping.


The third reason is privacy. That is, if you purchase from a legitimate and professional Mail Order Marijuana website. At, your orders will always be shipped to you in discreet, smell-proof packaging with no signature required as a free feature. Only you will know the contents of your packages.


The fourth reason for rapid MOM growth is the pricing. Since there are lower overhead costs in running a MOM, you would benefit from lower prices as a consumer. At, Canada’s premier Mail Order Marijuana service website, you’ll get the most competitive prices for high quality products, and price matching to boot!  PRO TIP – to save even more money, sign up for’s VIP list for special discounts and VIP offers! It’s free to join, so you can’t go wrong! link to

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